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- Unlucky For Some
- Births, Deaths and   Marriages/Death in the   Family
- Scene of Crime
- Picture of Innocence
- Plots and Errors
- A Shred of Evidence
- Verdict Unsafe
  - The Other Woman
- Murder...Now and Then
- The Murders of Mrs.Austin and Mrs.Beale
- Redemption/Murder at the Old Vicarage
- Death of a Dancer/Gone to Her Death
- A Perfect Match
Other Books
- Record of Sin
- An Evil Hour
- The Stalking Horse
- Murder Movie
Writing as Elizabeth Chaplin
- Hostage to Fortune
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- A room of one's own?
- Where do you get your ideas?
- Where do I begin?
- What books do I need?
- How important is research?
- Should I join a writers' circle?
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