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A SHRED OF EVIDENCE (Lloyd and Hill #7)
Macmillan, London/Fawcett (Ballantine Books), NY (1995)

My twelfth novel, published Macmillan, London/Fawcett (Ballantine Books), NY 1995. Hardback, paperback, large print, Magna Story Sound (unabridged), dramatised by Carlton Television for ITV as ‘Lloyd and Hill’ with Philip Glenister and Michelle Collins in the title roles. (Sorry, there’s no video).

Lying in the glare of the police arc-light was the body of Natalia Ouspensky, a fifteen-year-old schoolgirl. She had been beaten, strangled and possibly raped.

For Detective Inspector Judy Hill and Detective Chief Inspector Lloyd this is the start of a harrowing police enquiry – one that will deeply affect the lives of the innocent, but might well fail to convict the guilty.

An enquiry, it seems, that is not going to yield a single shred of evidence…

Why the change of US publisher?
St Martin’s Press decided to drop a number of its British authors, for whatever reason. I don’t think it could have been sales, because some very successful writers were dropped. Luckily, Ballantine Books, who had published me in paperback, picked me up immediately, and they’ve done a great job for me.

What gave you the idea?
Some years before, I was travelling on the top deck of a bus when three schoolgirls came on and behaved pretty much exactly as they do in the novel, and my thoughts were pretty much exactly what Judy’s are. When I got home, I jotted my impressions down in my notebook – you never know what will come in handy for fiction purposes.

What made Carlton decide to dramatise this novel?
I imagine they felt it was the one that would appeal to the widest range of viewers. It wouldn’t have been my choice, because Lloyd takes a bit of a back seat in A Shred of Evidence, and I felt that in the dramatisation he seemed to be reacting to what other people did rather than initiating the action, which he should have been doing, being the boss. His secondary role was natural in the novel, because he wasn’t involved in the investigation at the beginning, but in the dramatisation, of course, he was. Having said that, I thought that the movie was entertaining and that Philip and Michelle did a very good job of portraying the leads.

Did you write the script?
No, Richard Maher wrote the script, and I think it was excellent, especially as he had to simplify a very complex plot.

Is there going to be a TV series?
Not in the foreseeable future. I think there might have been, had events not conspired against us! Some day, maybe.

Which one would you have chosen to dramatise?
Probably A Perfect Match, being the first novel. And that was Carlton’s original choice, when they first discussed the possibility, but at that time the network turned the script down because there were ‘too many cop shows’ on TV. Then they discovered that cop shows got viewers, and changed their minds. I suppose Carlton had to offer a different script second time around, and assuming that was the case, I might have chosen Death of a Dancer, which would have given a better idea of Lloyd and Hill’s working relationship. But it had no parts for teenage girls in very short skirts!

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