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Why not have a go at this month's competition? Each month prizes are awarded to a winner and two runners-up.

The senders of these entries will be given a choice of a signed hardback first edition or a copy of the Shred of Evidence video/DVD.* Competitors should state their preference on the entry form. The runners-up will each receive a signed paperback.

On all of the books I will be happy to write a personal message, if you want one, and/or you can have the Reg (black cat) logo, if you like. It remains to be seen whether he will enhance the value or not. But he's quite nice anyway. I have no idea which of my titles have trading value, but I know that some of them do. None of them will make you rich. Some are in pristine condition, and some, even though they have never left the box they came in, are what I believe is known as slightly foxed, but no more so than their author.

*The video and DVD are only available in PAL (UK) format, but most modern VCRs can play back both PAL and NTSC videos, so if you live in the US, check your VCR's handbook. It is not available commercially.

Last month's answers - click here

Competition question - December

The competition is simple – my fictional town of Stansfield is based on Corby, where I live, and on this site there is a page of photographs showing some of the actual locations used in the novels. All you have to do is study the detail below and work out which location it is by comparing it with the images on that page.

Click here to view the locations page.

The answer will be on the site next month, and there will be a new competition, so if you’re unlucky this time, or even if you’re a winner who would like another go, you can try again. Good luck – I’ll contact you for your mailing address if you’re a winner.

Guess what the location is?

Please fill your answer and details in the boxes below

Please indicate which prize you would prefer, should you win this month’s top prize:
  Signed hardback 1st edition
  Video of the Lloyd and Hill TV movie 'A Shred of Evidence'
  DVD of the Lloyd and Hill TV movie 'A Shred of Evidence'



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