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February 2006

Dear Visitor,

This is just to send you my very belated good wishes for 2006, and to apologise for the lack of activity on the site. It still hasn’t really been updated – I simply thought that I ought to let you know what was happening.

My 2006 didn’t get off to a good start, I’m afraid. I haven’t been well, and January was a write-off as far as any work was concerned. I hope to be back doing regular updates soon, hopefully in better nick than I’ve been for some time once the various pills and potions get to work. In the meantime, I will leave the competition running, and have a bonanza prize day when I finally get round to picking winners.

And I am horribly aware that I have e-mails and website queries stacked up back to October. The problem is that the computer and I rarely seem to be in working order at the same time. But I will reply to all of them, I promise – some of the easier queries might even be answered in the next few days. The ones that require thought/research/any sort of brain power will take a little longer, but they will be answered.

If you want to be informed when the website is properly updated with new pictures of George and Georgia and so on, why not join the mailing list? Just one point to make about that – if your e-mail provider is AOL, the newsletters are bounced back to me as spam. So either tell AOL to let my newsletters through, or join with a different e-mail address. Existing AOL mailing-list members should do the same, as I will be removing their addresses from the mailing list if they are bounced back next time round.

That’s it. Thank you for sticking around, and my apologies again for this break in transmission. The fault will be rectified as soon as possible. Please do not adjust your set.


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