Song Parodies
- Ghostwriters in the Sky
- You're the Top
- I Will Reply
- I've No Business in

- My Unfavourite Things

Song Parodies

From time to time I am moved to write parodies of popular songs for one reason or another, and I occasionally include them in my monthly newsletter. It’s something I’ve done for years, though I used to be a lot more prolific before I started writing for a living. I’ve no idea why my parody output fell off as a result, but it did.

Most of the ones from those days were based on (then) current news and wouldn’t mean anything now, but I’ve No Business In Show Business has survived, and I’ve written one or two more since launching the site.

People seem to like them, so I’ve rescued them from the archive for new visitors, and I hope to add to them in the future. Hope you like them!

Not everyone will be familiar with the songs on which the parodies are based, so if you want to see the original lyrics, I’ve included them as well. Sorry I can’t do the music!

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