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Lloyd took her hands in his. 'You once said you couldn't have anything to do with me because I was married.'

'So I did.' She smiled.

'I'm not married now.'

'I am.' But it was just a statement of fact, not a protest. She took a step towards him, and her lips touched his as the phone rang. She stepped back, leaving the way clear to the phone.

'Thank you very much,' Lloyd said to it, and picked it up.

'Rogers here, sir. They've found her underwear - bra, pants and tights.'

'Great. Where?'

'A long way from either the body or the rest of her clothes, I'm told. The lab's got them now. Can we call off the search?'

'Er…yes. Yes, I think so. But keep the area roped off - and have someone keeping an eye on it. I don't want sightseers.'

'Right, sir.'

Lloyd replaced the receiver and relayed the call to Judy.

'Well,' she said, good humouredly. 'Is that the end of the seduction scene?'
Lloyd laughed, and opened the front door. Lunch, a laugh, and a stillborn kiss. It was better than nothing.

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