Lloyd and Hill - A Shred of Evidence

I genuinely believe that when a novel is dramatised, it becomes the raw material for something new, and when I met the cast and crew of Lloyd and Hill I said, and I meant, that I wasn't worried about what they would do to 'my' story and 'my' characters. But naturally I wanted the dramatisation to work, and I was delighted when I saw the finished film. I thought that the script was excellent, and that Philip and Michelle did a great job with Lloyd and Judy; I didn't hear a wrong note.

Readers who have seen the film will have noticed that Lloyd has acquired a first name. It was pure coincidence that both Colin Dexter and I produced detectives with embarrassing first names, but obviously that aspect of Lloyd had to go if we didn't want to be labelled copycats, so I gave him the name Daniel.

If you haven't seen A Shred of Evidence, try and catch it if it's repeated. If you have, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

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